Asterisk is a complete telephone solutions platform. Prachlit offers services for open source asterisk systems & appliances in India, addressing a wide range of call center / contact center solutions & enterprises solutions including – IVR systems, open source VoIP PBX, call center dialer, voice dialer, voice logger, automatic call distribution, predictive dialer, hosted dialer, GSM & SMS integration, VoIP call recording, customized line call recording / monitoring / tracking. For more details on Asterisk Support & Services. Contact us Today!



IP PBX is developed to meet the voice and data convergence requirements necessary to run your business. With its advanced features, Prachlit’s IP PBX can reduce costs, increase productivity and connect remote offices and teleworkers. It enables your business to be flexible, innovative and competitive.

Prachlit’s IP PBX is purely Asterisk. Asterisk is an open source communication platform which provides all of the features you would expect from a proprietary PBX at a much affordable cost. Asterisk is one of the best ways for a sensible integration between telecom and any other technology you might wish to connect your telecom to.

Asterisk is flexible to adopt and integrate with your existing telecom infrastructure. With asterisk no one will tell you how your phone system should work or what technology you are limited to. Asterisk embraces the concept of standards compliances, while enjoying the freedom to develop its own innovations.

Features and functionalities
Prachlit’s IP PBX is packed with all the high end features that a propriety PBX can offer you and much more. With Asterisk as the platform, opportunities are endless. The standard compliance and open architecture allows Prachlit’s IP PBX to offer exactly what your business requires.

Third Party Integration
As Prachlit’s IP PBX is based on open standard, it can integrate seamlessly with any third-party applications and products. You can choose from the line of products that are available in the market and will have no vendor lock-in.

Technical Support
Our technical support team is trained on all types of Asterisk applications with extensive troubleshooting experience encompassing basic dial plan construction to real-time configuration management. We believe in a quality and efficiency driven services. We have 24/7 customer care support, striving to make the customer experience fruitful with us.

Video calling & conferencing: Prachlit’s IP PBX supports superior quality video calling. Needs no other hardware except video cameras. Multiple participants and presenter can share their video simultaneously over the web using in-built or external webcam.

Desktop Sharing
• Upload PDF/office documents
• Whiteboard with text tools
• Mute & un-mute participants
• Public & private chat option

Smart Phone with Wi-Fi client: Prachlit’s IP PBX can connect smart phone through SIP extension within Wi-Fi range. This feature helps to receive calls while roaming around the premise /nearby location.

Audio conference bridging: with in-built audio conference facility, Prachlit’s IP PBX enables all users to host conference calls with protected password. It supports multi-party conferencing with 6 or more people. The talker optimization feature enable the talker who are not speaking as being muted ensuring there is no build-up in background noise.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Prachlit’s IP PBX has in-built IVR solution which have the flexibility to create upto 9 levels and sub-levels. It supports multi language voice, custom greetings, text to speech and many other advanced features.

Voice Logger: Prachlit’s IP PBX has in-built call recording software which enables you to record both incoming & outgoing calls for quality monitoring and disputes resolution. You can filter the files based on source,destination, time and duration.

Distributed office setup: With Prachlit’s distributed office setup, you can connect office locations/branches for seamless communication. It eliminates site-to-site calling cost and can be managed from one location.

Voice Mail to Email: The voice messaging capabilities in Prachlit’s IP PBX delivers productivity and efficiencies day-in and day-out. All extensions have voicemail option which enable user can send voice mail as an attachment with message notification. You may receive the mail even on your mobiles and reply to it.

Seamless integration with existing EPABX: Prachlit’s IP PBX can integrate seamlessly with existing EPABX and ensures to provide advanced features like – voicemail to email, IVR, distributed office setup, unlimited voice recording.

Fax to Email: Prachlit’s IP PBX has inbuilt fax solution to send fax through your PC and receive fax on any of your email clients.

Add on features

1. Web-based receptionist console: Prachlit’s IP PBX enables the operator to view the detail information about PBX activities in real time. It helps the operator to operate efficiently and perform quality monitoring with its enhanced features.
Action – Transfer to voicemail, transfer to external numbers, record calls, spy and whisper
Trunk Button – Show call count for trunks, call details, caller id and channels
Conference Button – Lock/unlock conference, mute/unmute member, remove participants
Queue Button – Call waiting and timers.

2. PRI Integration
3. CRM Integration
4. GSM Integration

Product Variant

Mini PBX – IP PBX for up to 10 extensions
ast e25 – IP PBX for up to 25 extensions
ast e50 – IP PBX for up to 50 extensions
ast e100 – IP PBX for up to 100 extensions
ast e200 – IP PBX for up to 200 extensions
ast e300 – IP PBX for up to 300 extensions
ast e500 IP PBX for up to 500 extensions
ast e1000 IP PBX for up to 1000 extensions

Call Center Dialer

Your call center operation requires a proactive, scalable, end-to-end solution to monitor and manage all processes. Prachlit’s call center dialer is just what you need. It provides visibility and control over the performance and productivity of your call center.

Prachlit’s call center solution has all the features associated with high end and high cost proprietory call center solutions.

Key offerings
• Automatic call distribution
• Interactive voice response
• Voice logger
• Voice blasting
• Hosted dialer
• CRM integration
• SMS integration
• Live/current agent monitoring
• Report and campaign statistics
• Voicemail to email
• Missed call alert on agent screen
• Call history search and dial option
• Feedback IVR
• Sticky agent and account based call routing
• Prachlit’s Edge:
• GSM predictive dialer
• Auto change of the campaign according to time zone
• Automatic agent account lock
• IVR database retrieval
• Click to call from website
• Dial-in/dial out multiparty conference
• Logical Partitioning

Prachlit’s Outbound Call Center Suite:
Prachlit’s predictive dialer effectively integrates all outbound processes (Telemarkeitng, Sales, Surveys, Collections) with the life cycle. It precisely manages outbound calling to achieve maximum productivity by supporting various campaign and list management strategies.

• Manual, progressive & predictive dialing
• Outbound ACD
• Longest idle agent based routing
• Call back scheduling
• Multiple campaign management
• Multiple dialing modes
• Agent inter dialing support
• Call forward and three way conferencing
• DNC list management
• Agent call intervention
• Real time supervision
• Music on hold
• Call transfer

Call retrieval
Prachlit’s Inbound Call Center Suite
Prachlit’s inbound solution can provide substantial improvement to the productivity of your call center. Skill based routing organizes incoming calls and route them to the most appropriate agents.

• Interactive voice response
• Automatic call distribution
• Skill-based routing
• Inbound call pop up
• Most idle agent based routing
• Real-time supervision
• Agent call intervention
• Call back scheduling
• Call conferencing
• Prachlit’s GSM Dialer
• Run your domestic process with Prachlit’s GSM dialer and reduce your telecom expenses by 50%. It also helps the enterprise to increase the sales turnaround and effective utilization of leads.

Hosted Dialer Solution
Prachlit’s hosted dialer solution is a plug and play technology for international call centers and is intended for those call centers who want to operate on OPEX model

Add on Features:
Call Center Analytics: Get detail reports on agent behaviour, outliers detection, profiling, QA conformance, gap analysis with add-on feature of call center analytics.
CRM Integration
GSM Integration

A2Billing – is a prepaid calling card platform.
Product Variants
*ast c10 For 10 Agents
*ast c30 – For 30 Agents
*ast c60 – For 60 Agents
*ast c100 – For 100 Agents

Video Conference

Prachlit’s Video Conference solution is user-friendly with advanced features at affordable price. It is based on Open Source Software application. It helps you to connect & collaborate with your remote offices, thereby, help your business to reduce cost & increase productivity. Rental & Buy out Solution

*ast V15 – 1 Room & 5 members
*ast V55 – 5 Rooms & 5 members

• Web Conference Solutions
• Video Conference Solutions
• e-Learning Conference Solutions
• Hospital Room Conference Solutions, &
• Hotel Room Conference Solutions

IVR Solution

Prachlit`s – IVR Solution
Prachlit’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solution is cost effective solution which helps the business to handle high volume calls and to improve customer experience. It is flexible and scalable to meet the business requirements and can seamlessly integrate with any PBX. Prachlit’s IVR can be used to automate a wide range of business applications. It is best suited for enterprises, Tele-banking, travel, Telphonic transaction, telecom etc. to reduce the cost of conventional sales, services, collections, inquiries and support calls .

• Intelligent call routing allows your customers to reach the right agent every time.
• Integrate your IVR system with internal applications to improve your call center operations.
• Expand your ability to get feedback from customers with surveys that populate your database from your IVR solution.
• Advanced call routing allows your team to be accessible via cell, land line, or even another IVR system.
• Reduce idle time in your call center with outbound campaign management.

General Features:
• Custom greeting support
• Multi-language voice support
• Custom music on hold
• Managing voice mail via phone or web interface
• T1, ISDN, analog and SIP/VoIP support
• Multiple codec support (G711alaw, ulaw, G729, GSM)
• Automate an outbound call campaign
Built in conferencing solution
• Hosted IVR solution
• Flexibility to create upto 9 levels and sub-levels
• Seamless integration with existing EPABX

Advanced Features:
• CDR reports of all calls
• Voice logger
Web based reporting
• Unlimited number of call flows
• Text to speech
• Touch tome detection (DTMF)
• Voice messaging
• Voicemail to Email
• Call transfering
• Database Interaction

Technical Specifications

Network Interface: 2x Ehernet 10/100 Base-RJ45
ISDN: PRI Interface (Optional)
Mobile: 4 GSM (Optional)

ISDN: PRI DSS1 (Q931, National Variant)
Mobile: GSM 850/1800/1900 MHZ Channels
CODECS: ADPCM, G711 (A-Law & U-Law, G.723.1 (Pass through) G.726. G.729
(Through purchase of commercial license) GSM, ILBC, Linear, LPC-10 Speex
PRI Card: T1 / E1 Port with optimum PCI interface
Dimension: 2U/4U form factor chasis
Mounting: 19′ Rack
Product Bundles

*ast  IVR-S 10: 1 PRI Interface.
*ast  IVR-S 30: 1 PRI Interface.
*ast  IVR-S 60: 2 PRI Interface.
Loop Through
*ast  IVR-L 30: 2 PRI Interface.
*ast  IVR-L 60: 4 PRI Interface.
•  Prachlit`s IP IVR System
*ast  IVR-IP 10: 10 IP Channels.
*ast  IVR-IP 30: 30 IP Channels
*ast  IVR-IP 60: 60 IP Channels.

Voice Logger

Prachlit’s Voice Logger – Complete Call Recording Solution for Your Business

Prachlit’s voice logger is an ideal call recording solution for any business which ensures to improve better customer services. Prachlit’s voice logger system supports ISDN PRI, IP, Analog line and mobile to record all the incoming and outgoing calls for quality monitoring, training, disputes resolution and regulatory compliances. With its advanced features, flexibility and easy to use, it helps the organization to increase the productivity and customer satisfaction with higher quality management.

General Features
• 100% automatic call recording (both inbound & outbound)
• Enterprise architecture with multi channel recording with T1/E1, Analog, IP and Mobile.
• Interoperable with any PBX and IP PBX
• format recording – WAV, GSM
• Search and download files based on date, time, source, destination and duration
• Access and delete recording files with supervisor access
• Web based configuration management and reporting
• Download voice files remotely via web browser
• Monitor storage space via GUI
• Caller ID for all incoming calls
• Automated archiving
• Access control for better security.
• Export call with report in HTML / Excel Format
• Easily integrate with Prachlit’s voice analytic tool

Application Scope

1. Financial Institutions – Banks, Stock Broking Firms
As per new mandate from SEBI and RBI, it is mandatory to implement call recording solution by all banks, Stock Broking Firms and other Financial institutions. Recording provides immediate access to voice files for audit in case of any dispute and helps to resolve the issue quickly. Search for a specific call and play back or download instantly from our web interface.

2. Call Centers – ITES/BPO
Enhance the customer services and agent productivity by tracking all the agents calls and their behaviour with the customers for training purpose and improving quality of service. It ensures to resolve customers queries quickly and on time. Store the recordings for future references.

3. Business Enterprises – IT, Real Estate, SMEs, Media Houses, Service Firms.
Administer and minimise the risk of potential discontent among customers due to unsatisfactory customer service. Keep track of all calls and check whether the queries are addressed quickly to ensure organisational compliance.

4. Tourism & Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts, Railways, Car Rentals, Airline, Travel Agents.
Record all calls for distributing information, reservation, cancellation etc. It provide an organized and efficient way to accurately manage, track, and bill guests for their telecom usage. Analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of the staffs on how calls are being handled and provide training to meet company compliance. Provides consolidated data for all branches to a centralised location to understand the performance of each location.

5. Health Care Sector – Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy.
Record prescriptions issued verbally over phone, maintain call records for historical accuracy and ensure that the patient enquiries are dealt promptly and effectively over phone.

6. Educational Institutions – Schools, College, Hostels, On-line training
Call recording and audit will help the management to monitor and track school staff’s activities and measure customer satisfaction for the services rendered. Recording will help to gather feedback and plan required actions to overcome the shortfalls. It helps to maintain regulatory compliance and improve the communication between customers and the service providers.

GSM Gateway

GSM Gateway

Prachlit’s GSM Gateway offers a powerful and flexible GSM solution for the Open Source PBX.

Product bundles:
• 1 Port
• 4 Ports
• 8 Ports
• 16 Ports
• 32 Ports

GSM Integration – 50% cost savings

Prachlit’s gateway converts your landline to mobile calls into mobile to mobile calls. Thus helps in reducing 50% of your Telecom expenses.

PRI Gateway

Prachlit’s PRI Gateway gives the freedom to connect any enterprise telephony equipment to any internet based next generation network.

With the integrated E1/T1 interfaces and the E-SBC functionality the Prachlit’s PRI Gateway is the ideal demarcation point for the interface between the enterprise and the network for existing and new technologies.

Using a high precise 5ppm clock and multiple CODECS for voice and fax ensures full ISDN quality. With the integrated header and routi9ng manipulation capabilities a smooth migration for all enterprise equipment and network requirement is guaranteed.

• Scalable Solution for up to 2 E1/T1 Ports.
• Demarcation point for ISDN & IP PBXs
• Full ISDN quality for voice, fax and data.
• High precise 5ppm clock for full fax and DECT support
• E-SBC feature set for VoIP-to-VoIP & ISDN-to-VoIP.

IP Phones

Prachlit`s IP Phones are available in three models – *ast510, *ast550 and *ast600W (wi-fi phone), are feature plug and play deployment, HD voice, multiple line appearances, contexual soft keys, phone books, DND and advanced applications at attractive price to suit your budget.

The ergonomically designed phones are equipped with essential features that the modern business environments demand and suitable for both small businesses and large office applications. The unit is fully supports all of the major SIP based IP PBX/softswith/IMS platform.

They are perfect for office and business call activities, and hence popularly known as Office IP Phones.

• Call Hold
• 3 way conference
• Call Waiting
• Ringtone selection/import/delete
• Call forward
• Message waiting indication LED
• Call return
• Tone configuration volume control
• Call transfer (blind/busy/ask)
• Multi-language
• Caller ID Display
• Direct IP call without SIP proxy
• Speed dial
• Blacklist
• Phone mute
• Hands free indicator
• SMS & Voicemail
• Soft keys programmable
• Support POE
• Dialled/received/missed calls
• XML phonebook search and inputs & outputs
• Auto- answer
• Supports PC control

Contact Center Solutions & Services
Our Technical support team are trained professionals on all types of Asterisk applications, with troubleshooting experience ranging from basic dialplan construction to real-time configuration management. We believe in a Quality and efficiency have driven services. We have 24/7 customer care support, striving to make the customers experience fruitful with us.

We have different types of SLA ’s, in order to serve our clients with a better quality, Like :