CUSTOMER LOYALTY By creating value for your customers, you will earn their loyalty. An often-quoted statistic states that it takes ten times the money and effort to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.

Hosted CRM
Web-based applications for CRM
with no software to download. In this
case, the CRM system resides online and you rent the service on a monthly basis.

• Less expensive in the short run
• Appropriate for businesses with standard CRM needs, and little or no internal IT support
• Can be implemented quickly (often within a few months)

CRM Functions

» Lead Management
» Contact Management
» Ticket / Support Management
» Report Management
» Inventory / Product Management
» Project Management
» Updates and Comments Management
» Document Management
» Calendar / Events / Activity Management
» Call recording

Benefits of using CRM

Strong Relationship Management
With complete awareness about the customer, customer’s needs & past interaction with company, an employee can create a better bond with the customer, and help him better in less time.

Information on customer buying behavior & interest can be used to make faster decisions & close more sales

Customer Experience
Customer will have less struggle everytime he approaches to the organization. All the department within an organization will have complete data about the customer.

Organized Data
All your leads, contacts, customers & orders can be organized & stored in an standard format, which is easy and flexible to retrieve.

Enhanced Sales & Marketing
Cross selling, Up selling, Calls, Newsletters & Emails can be more precise and result oriented when it is delivered to a focused group.