Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Cloud Telephony Solutions

Small Business

Easily setup small call Center – Now small businesses can easily set up full-fledged small call center just by paying the monthly subscription charges which is not possible with a legacy call center solution

Business Call Recording and analytics – Many small business would like to record all business calls for future review & analysis.

Zero Capex: Zero investment in any hardware/ software

Scalable Solution: Start with 1-2 seats, then increase or decrease to any number of seats based on business needs

Start an IVR on published mobile or landline number, to make the call sound professional

It can be started on traditional mobile phone or landline


Integration with CRM and Ticketing solution – The solution can easily be integrated with all web-based CRM and ticketing solution. CTI(cloud telephony integration) is a must for seamless communication and customer service.

Reporting & Analytics: Full feature solution providers give detailed call analytics and reports, which help in business decisions. (Read -Key metrics of call center)

Distributed Call Center: On a Cloud Call Center solution, businesses can easily set up Call Centers at multiple locations and can manage all locations from a centralized location.

Easy to upgrade: The legacy Call Center Solution is inflexible and complex to upgrade, but with Cloud solution upgradation of software or hardware is taken care by the service provider.


Email Marketing

» Send emails that get delivered just when your contacts are most likely to engage.

Vendor Connect for Marketplaces

» Connect your clients with the appropriate vendors. Keep the accountability, tracking and privacy intact.

Automated Calls/SMS

» Create communication touch-points based on your customers’ actions. Automate processes you don’t want to repeat manually, right from your CRM.

Rent a Call Center

» Rent a full-featured call center in minutes with zero infrastructure or hardware cost. Scale as you grow. Seamless integrations with the top CRMs.

Prachlit Consulting Quality Boost

Superior Quality

» Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency

Scale at Ease

» Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Simple to implement

» Sign up and get started in less than 30 minutes, integrate easily using our REST APIs

Extensive Reporting

» Easy to understand, detailed reports sent every day

» Enhance your marketing programs with integrated features from Prachlit Consulting

Email Marketing

Grow your lists, increase conversions, and optimize your audience engagement with beautiful emails and autoresponders, high-converting web forms, laser-sharp segmentation, and unique delivery tools.


» Drag-and-drop Email Editor
» Autoresponders
» Advanced Analytics
» A/B Testing
» Perfect Timing
» Forms
» More features

Transactional Email

Ransactional emails typically contain information a recipient wants or needs and consequently have very high open rates. Common transactional email use cases include, account creation emails, password resets, purchase receipts, account notifications, and social media updates like friend and follower notifications.

Achieve your marketing goals with scalable, personalized email automation.

Automatically message users via email, in-app messages, or push notifications with real-time behavioral triggers.

Choose trigger based autoresponder email series suitable to your sales pipeline. Send highly targeted content at right time, to the right person and let automation do the follow up work for you.


» Flexible API and SMTP setup for easy transactional email Integration.

» Email deliverability features including email authentication, reputation monitoring, dedicated IP addresses, and more.

» Visibility into your sending with real-time email activity, analytics, and reporting including open, click, bounce, unsubscribe tracking, and more.

» Proven scalability and 24/7 support.

Missed Call Solution

Solutions allow you to create, deploy and manage missed call services. We handle over 2 billion calls and 18 billion voice-based content deliveries every year from a unified carrier-grade platform.

Missed call alert is cloud-based service to engage with customers. It is very effective for the lead generation where you will never miss a call or query from your clients.


» Get your customers connected
» Never lose a lead.
» Free for your customers – Increase customer engagement.
» Single Pan India Number – Integrate with your brand message.
» Multiple response options – SMS, Call, IVR.
» Integrates with your existing IT and CRM systems.
» Easy setup and access.
» Regardless of any industry, missed calls have wide-ranging uses and guaranteed high ROI in India. Talk to our experts to know more

CRM integration

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you measure your sales activities and provides visibility into your sales pipeline.

Prachlit makes it easy to integrate with your CRM. By syncing data in both directions, you can ensure that your sales reps are updated with the latest marketing intelligence (qualified leads), and your marketing team is armed with the latest sales data, allowing them to generate highly-targeted and measurable campaigns.

Prachlit`s Native CRM Integrations UNIQUE FEATURES:

Easy integration – Simply enter your CRM credentials in the Act-On interface to pull CRM data including standard and custom fields from all leads and contacts into Act-On

Bidirectional data sync – Scheduled push/pull syncs in Act-On ensures lead and contacts in both systems are always current. Any new leads or contacts added in your CRM will be automatically added into your Act-On CRM lists and available for nurturing.

Advanced synchronization options – Set rules to automatically push leads from Act-On to your CRM only when you determine that they are ready for Sales. Act-On also automatically deduplicates leads and contacts to make improving the integrity of your CRM data as easy as possible.


Single sign-on access to lead intelligence for sales – Your sales reps will be given a complete picture of their prospect’s behavioral activity (web pages visited, emails clicked, forms submitted, etc.) directly within your CRM without having to log in to Act-On separately. Access to this intelligence allows your sales reps to gauge their level of interest, identify which products they are interested in, and determine the appropriate talking tracks specific to each prospect before picking up the phone.

Help sales prioritize leads – With Act-On lead scoring, sales reps can prioritize who to call first so they don’t let any hot leads fall through the cracks. Your sales reps will be empowered with the ability to differentiate who in their pipeline requires immediate follow-up versus those leads that may require further nurturing.

Creates a closed loop system – With a native CRM integration, you can analyze and measure the effectiveness of your various marketing efforts so you know exactly which campaigns to invest your time and resources in in the future. When leads are converted into opportunities and eventually become customers, Act-On’s built-in ROI reporting analyzes your CRM data to attribute revenue to your various marketing touch points, and determines which sources and campaigns generated the most leads, deals, and revenue.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is a technique of sending pre-recorded voice messages to your audience. Prachlit’s Interactive voice broadcasting platform is based on latest technology and is capable of handling huge traffic. As a reliable and convenient voice broadcasting solution provider in India, we’re dedicated to meeting the customer’s requirement with real-time results. See the beauty of voice broadcasting.


» Play pre-recorded or text to speech messages or a combination of both.
» Internal DNC list. Listener can dial a digit to place herself on DNC list.
» Record response of listener.
» Full answering machine detection. Play one message for answering machines and another for live answer.
» Ability to wait for silence on line before playing message: ensure your message is heard.
» Listener can be transferred to a logged in agent, or forwarded to any phone number on pressing a digit.
» Text to speech option: Get listeners’ attention by speaking name and other personalised details.
» Text to speech option can speak out any detail from your uploaded database.
» Broadcast dialer is also able to dial the same leads in predictive, automatic or manual modes.
» Free 24×6 telephonic support

Rented Dialers

Predictive dialers are the key solution for call centers as it smartly manages dialing/receiving calling channel. It is much needed for all cal centers and corporate as it comes with auto-calling option. The caller ID option and cal history record makes it more efficient for the businesses to track and analyze their performance. Among all the features, the best one is its missed call tracking feature which helps businesses to track the missed out calls. Predictive dialer is also known as progressive dialer which refers to the benefits of its features that add up to the revenue of the businesses.

Renting Predictive dialers can be a good solution for the businesses that have a limited communication requirement as for large businesses requires total control over the admin console as well. Renting the software means one gets total facility of dialing / holding / waiting calls. It also provides notifications for waiting and missed out calls. Renting the software also means that the dialer will be able to work with ISDN PRI Lines, VOIP, and GSM. Such software can be easily used for inbound/outbound calls at International & Domestic call centers.